Are You Scared Of The Future? Here’s What You Need!

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Are you scared of the future?
That’s fine. You definitely aren’t alone.
There aren’t really any statistics on the topic, but it’s considered to be a common fear by experts.

Truth is, people don’t like things that they can’t grasp or control. Humans are looking for stability, and by considering the future there’s always a changing variable there to consider.

Humans don’t like that.

From my experience, people tend to be more afraid of the unknown rather than the known.
Life works that way, people would much rather continue suffering than flipping a coin between suffering even more or getting better.

To some of you that may sound reasonable, however, most coins aren’t equally balanced and this situation is no different, but more on that later.

To certain people, the condition becomes bad enough that they live their whole lives through it alone.
What do I mean by that? Chronophobia is the fear of time, or rather, the flow of time as a whole.

Chronophobic people aren’t afraid of the past or the present, they are terrified of the future.
Of course, there is a difference between being fearful and having a phobia.
While fear can be a good thing, a phobia is an obsession and a mental illness.
Fear can be reasoned with to some degree, a phobia can’t.

In this article, I’ll be talking about being fearful of the future, but I’ll add a helpful link down below this article.
There is a very important question here to be answered, though.

Are you scared of the future? Why?

I won’t bore you with the symptoms, since I think that you would know if you are scared of the future, yet you should come to realize that every problem has a cause and a solution.

Well, most problems have a solution, all of them have a cause.
Alright, so what could actually cause you being afraid of the future?

  • Upon old age, some of us tend to reflect and start realizing how truly short their lives are
  • A triggered understanding. It could literally just be you meeting someone from high school
  • Going through a difficult event, like being fired or losing a loved one, may help you realize how fast everything is moving (“Yesterday I was still employed, today I am not.”)
  • Losing a sense of time (through mind-numbing jobs, serving prison time or the like)
  • Traumatic childhood events (witnessing harsh violence or even murder)
  • The endless possibilities are overwhelming.
  • It can also be hereditary, believe it or not.

As you can see, all of these reasons are built upon your thought processes, rather than any conscious decision.
As such, the solution also revolves around coming to an understanding of your thought process, the kind of understanding that will help you disregard your negative thoughts.

If your fear is traumatic I would assume that it’s also phobic in nature. Like I said before, though, I got the perfect solution for that problem.

Just check out the bottom of this article for more information.

The future looks bad

Fear is pretty annoying, but can you go without it?

I already talked about the topic extensively, but in this specific situation, there are more questions to be raised.
I don’t think anyone likes being afraid. All of us would like to be fearless, but that’s a terrible Idea, and this situation really shows it as such.

If you weren’t fearful of the future, what would you do then? Sure, fear paralyzes, but it also can serve as a boost of motivation.

You are afraid of the future turning out to be for the worst. Your brain comes up with a bunch of excuses and scenarios to prove you that point, yeah?

When faced with possibilities, more so if they are as endless as the future, we tend to freeze. Instead of taking some action we choose to take no action at all.

We tend to feel overwhelmed. People will tell you that they want more and more, but different reports show that humans hate options and choices.

Yet we still push forward, despite the fact that we would like, on average, to just drop having to do so much with our lives.

Why? Because the alternative paints a terrifying image.
Not paying bills means that we are going to lose our home.
Getting fired means that we will have no cash to pay bills.
Getting married to the wrong person will lead to complicated divorce procedures and so on and so forth.

Sure, some of us might want to be rich, maybe have a large, loving, family. But at the basis of it all is our sense of fear.

Without fearing the future you will have no reason to keep going through your job (unless you love it), being critical about your choice in partner or anything that seems to be worthwhile to you.

In short, you need this fear more than you realize. Unless you have a phobia, the only problem you might have with this fear is your inability to turn it into motivation.

Most of it doesn’t matter

Life is short.
I might not be old enough to say something like that, but it’s the truth.
Life, in retrospect, is just a long series of moments and nothing more.

We don’t remember most details, and our best moments just kind of blink before our eyes.

Whether you are old or young it doesn’t matter.
Everything you lived through is nothing but images and moments to you, yet life right now seems so overwhelming.

Have you ever thought about why?
Well, the truth is that we tend to place a lot of importance over what is happening to us right now, and how meaningful it is – yet most of it really isn’t.

What am I getting at?
Most of your future isn’t going to be meaningful either!

I don’t mean it in a bad way, it’s actually a good thing.

Most of the things that you will do in your life aren’t going to be important, which means that it’s up to you to identify what is important and what isn’t.

Sure, life right now might seem overwhelming, and the promise of any future might be just as scary, I understand.
And yet, if you take responsibility and choose your battles carefully you will find a significantly lower amount of stress in your life.
Huh, wonder where it went.

If you can’t help it – don’t

Do you know how professional poker players play the game?
They play very few hands, but the ones that they do play – they play aggressively
Where am I going with this?

You can’t fight every battle.
Most of the battles are pointless and won’t give you any worthwhile results, yet there is more to it than that.
Say you got this big vacation planned, you are inside your car and everything, but before you actually drive out a random car crashes into a tree near the road.

Police arrive, the road is shut down, and you miss your vacation.

Sucks, doesn’t it?

But let me ask you this – what could you have done to prevent it.

Don’t get me wrong, blaming others is a terrible idea, but there has been nothing that you could have done to prevent this situation.

So why are you so worried? Change whatever you can change, and leave whatever you can’t alone.
If there is something to be done about it, and it’s worth your while, then do it! If it isn’t worth your while, or out of your reach, stop thinking about it.

Seriously, these critical, baseless thoughts are killing you from the inside without you even noticing.
Learn to let go of things, realize your own limits, and life will get that much easier for you.

Bright future

Are you scared of the future? So what?

All of us are afraid of what’s to come, at least to some level, that’s what life is all about.
The difference is that some people live their lives a day at a time, others build a foundation for a brighter future.
The basis for both types of behavior is rooted in fear.

Either fight everyone and everything to the point of an obsession or mellow out and balance your plans for the future.

Which one do you choose to be? If you ask me, the choice is pretty obvious.
Be smart about it. No matter how little time you got left, the future holds within itself almost unlimited possibilities.

During this article I promised you a solution for your fears, right? Well, here it is!

Here’s a quick question while you are still here – What are your plans for the near future right now?

Pretty simple, right? Make sure to answer this question in the comment section below – I read every single one of those comments!

Also, feel free to send me an email in case you got something personal to ask.
I reply to all of my emails to the best of my ability, so just go on ahead and do that.


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2 Replies to “Are You Scared Of The Future? Here’s What You Need!”

  1. Hi Vlad!

    Thanks for the helpful post. I stopped being afraid of the future by doing the things you mentioned know his article. Now I’m really excited about the future! Each day, I take small steps to achieve my goals and beyond that, I let things sort themselves out.

    I admire the mission of your website. Keep up the good work!

    1. Heya Jenny

      That’s great to hear, hopefully your future will be a brith one!

      Also, thanks for your compliment, it means a lot.

      Cheers, Vlad!

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